Keep calm and carry on growing

February 8, 2021

How quick the seasons have flown past. 2021 growing season is rapidly approaching, and we are busy in the glasshouse getting everything ready for the big off.

Our plant sale last year was so successful that we're doing it again. Choose from the list of vegetable and companion plants and enjoy a 10% early bird discount on your first pre-order. Returning customers benefit from an additional 10% on pre-order plants.

Category Type Variety  Price 
Companion planting Nasturtium Nasturtium       1.20
Companion planting Borage Borage       1.00
Companion planting Wild Flower Tray A mix of       5.00
Companion planting Lavender Hidcot     10.00
Companion planting Marigold Marigold       0.60
Perennial Herbs Rosemary Fully grown     12.00
Perennial Herbs Sage small       3.00
Perennial Herbs Thyme small       3.00
Annual Herbs Basil Purple       0.80
Annual Herbs Basil Thai       0.80
Annual Herbs Basil Sweet       0.80
Annual Herbs Parsley Flat leaf       0.80
Annual Herbs Parsley Curley       0.80
Annual Herbs Coriander Coriander       0.80
Annual Herbs Mint Peppermint       1.00
Beans Runner Firestorm       1.40
Beans Dwarf French Compass       1.40
Beans Broad Beans de Monica       1.40
Beans Mange Tout Oregon Sugar Pod       1.10
Tomato Cherry Sun Gold       4.00
Tomato Cherry Picollo       4.00
Tomato Beef Costoluto Fiorentino       4.00
Tomato Salad Money Maker       4.00
Chilli/Pepper Chilli Cayenne       4.00
Chilli/Pepper Chilli Habanero       4.00
Chilli/Pepper Chilli Jalapeno       4.00
Chilli/Pepper Pepper California Wonder       4.00
Courgette Courgette Green       4.20
Courgette Courgette Yellow       4.20
Squash Squash Uchiki Kuri       4.50
Squash Squash Crown Prince       4.50
Aubergine Aubergine Bonica       4.50
Cucumber Cucumber Telegraph F1 improved       4.80
Cucumber Cucumber Baby F1       4.80
Celeriac Celeriac Prinz       1.60
Beetroot Purple 10 plugs       2.00
Beetroot Yellow 10 plugs       2.00
Khol Rabi Purple Purple Delicacy       1.30
Spinach Spinach Perpetual       1.40
Salad Mixed Tray 6 salads       5.00
Shallots Banana 10 plugs       2.80
Garlic Bulb       1.50
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