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All plants have been well looked after and healthy. Most are ready to plant out mid to late May, after the danger of frost has passed.

To order: Email: or call 01749 813048 to tell us which plants or packs you'd like and how many. Please provide contact details in case we need to clarify details.
Payment: BACS bank transfer, cash or card. (no cheques, sorry)
Collection: from On The Brook (local delivery for vulnerable and self-isolating folks - min order £15.00)

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 ItemPricePack sizeDescription
NEW!Aubergine4.50per potProlific beautiful glossy purple skins. Ready for transplanting in +/- 6weeks. Grow indoors or polytunnel only.
Basil1.20per potPurple, intense flavour
Beans, French2.00per potProlific variety. Slim tasty pods. Ready to plant out as soon as danger of frost has passed.
Beans, Runner1.30per potProlific variety. Eat when tender, or leave until dry to enjoy the bean within the bean. Ready to plant out as soon as danger of frost has passed.
Beans, Broad2.00per potCompact variety, needs no staking. Prolific. Ready to plant out as soon as danger of frost has passed.
NEW!Beetroot, plugs2.008-10/traySweet and succulent. Far tastier than shop bought. Choose between purple, yellow or mix of both.
NEW!Celeriac1.603/potLarge fresh and crisp root with a delicate celery flavour. Great grated raw in salads or as a slaw. Ideal for stews or soups.
Chillies4.50per potChoose from several varieties: Apache, Cayenne, Cheynne, Habanero, Jalapeno, Scotch bonnet. Check heat intensity of each variety by clicking here.
Coriander80pper potPick-and-come-again. Hardy variety.
Courgette4.00per potBushy varieties, prolific fruit.
Fennel1.20per potSweet variety. Delicious roasted, or as an ingredient.
Herb garden6.00per tray8 plants per tray. Parsley, Basil, coriander, sorrel, spring onions, and more.
NEW!Kiddies starter pack15.0025+ plantsA weekend of activity with the kids. Watch them grow and enjoy the fruits of labour throughout the summer and into autumn. 25 plants in this pack making this great value: 10 x beetroot seedlings; 1 spinach plant; 4 strawberry plants; 6 spring onions; 2 salads: 1 x pick-and-come-again and 1 x little Gem; 2 herbs: Choose from parsley, coriander, basil, marjoram, sorrel, mint; 1 borage plant: For the bees!
NEW!Kohl Rabi0.80per potCrisp with a delicate, sweet flavour. Slice/shave raw into salads, shred into a coleslaw, stir-fry or roast. Slow cook the leaves or sauté with garlic and olive oil until tender.
NEW!Late Starter Pack11.003 plantsIn case you didn't get the seeds in early enough, or want to try another variety, or just increase your crop, three well tended, healthy plants to plant out when the danger of the last frosts is over. 1 tomato, 1 chilli & 1 courgette. State variety on ordering.
Lavender5.00per potOne large plant per pot. Two varieties: Hidcot and Angusliflia. Good hedge varieties, also ornamental.
Living salads, 1 plant1.00per potCurly red and green leaves, tender flavour. Look after it and you'll have salad for weeks.
Living salads, 6 plants6.00per tray"Cut and come again". 6 plants per tray. Spicy oriental mix - rocket, mizuna, bok choi, spring onions. Just keep picking!
NEW!Marjoram1.00per potAromatic and subtle, livens up soups, salads and sauces. Works surprisingly well in cocktails, especially clear spirits like gin and vodka. Introduce towards the end of cooking to ensure flavour. Best with chicken and white meats e.g. turkey, pork.
NEW!Mange tout1.30per potLarge deliciously sweet pods. Shell is edible so can be eaten whole, raw or lightly steamed to retain crunch.
NEW!Mint1.00per potPeppermint variety. Propagated from our mint patch at On The Brook.
Parsley Flat leaf1.00per potOne plant per pot.
Parsley curly1.00per potOne plant per pot.
Sage4.00per potOne well established plant.
NEW!Sorrel1.10per potGreat for spring salads and flavouring soups/sauces. A spinach like leaf with a citrus flavour. Sorrel almost dissolves when cooked which makes a perfect addition to sauces and soups. Keep cutting it for year round production.
NEW!Spinach1.10per potPerpetual spinach - will last throughout summer and into winter - just keep picking!
Strawberries large1.00per potPropagated from strawberries growing on the farm. Intense delicious flavour
Strawberries small60pper potPropagated from strawberries growing on the farm. Intense delicious flavour
Thyme4.50per potAdd to casseroles and stews for warm aromatic flavours. Marinate chicken or fish with olive oil, lemon juice and Thyme before grilling.
Tomatoes4.50per potSeveral varieties: cherry, beef and salad.
Wildflowers6.00trayA tray of a variety UK wildflower seeds, ready to transplant. Re-wild your lawn - give the mower (and you) a break.
NEW!Nasturtium1.50per potSaid to deter aphids and the pests that attack cucumbers and squashes. Said to improve the flavour of radishes. Flowers and leaves edible. Pickle the seeds for a "poor man's" caper.
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