Carbon offsetting at On The Brook, Bruton

When we arrived at Coombe Farm, the first task we set about was to upgrade the utilities.

The water supply was upgraded to modern piping. Sewerage upgraded to an efficient, cleaner bio disc system. The telephone line was replaced and fibre internet introduced. Electrical lines renewed to modern efficient safety standards.

More importantly, we switched the heating supply from oil to much cleaner LPG. This involved burying two huge LPG tanks and bringing LPG to all the buildings. We're proud to be part of our Flogas's Carbon Offsetting Programme, and the work they are doing in Zimbabwe, a country close to our hearts.

The project in Zimbabwe is called Kariba REDD+ and involves ongoing efforts to save forests, protect wildlife and change lives in Zimbabwe for the better.

Here is what our supplier, Flogas has to say:

Since its launch in 2011, the Kariba REDD+ project has prevented more than 18 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from emissions into the atmosphere by preventing deforestation and land degradation in an area of nearly 785,000 hectares. The project also continues to support regional sustainable development, the independence and well-being of local communities, and protects numerous vulnerable and endangered species – including the African elephant, lion, hippo, lappet-faced vulture and southern ground hornbill.

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