Ukraine Appeal Update

March 24, 2022

Thank you so much for all your donations and support!

We got 13 pallets of aid sorted, packed and sent on in less than a week. This is an amazing result and thanks to all who helped by donating aid, the teams of volunteers who sorted and packed, those who sourced banana boxes, collected aid from their communities, put up posters, shared our posts on social media, transported aid, to make it possible.

We also raised nearly £500.00 from the coins that were donated. Over £100.00 from miscellaneous currencies, Euro 280.00, US$35 and £100 on old and new UK coins.

We're offering to exchange the Euros and USD (mainly coins and a few notes) at the Bank of England's official exchange rate. This will save bank fees and from coming back from your trip with coins. If interested, please get in touch with Sophie or Pat at 01749 812543 or email

Hope and Aid Direct, the charity that will be transporting this aid to the Ukraine borders are now planning to depart in just over a week. They will be heading to Slovakia: the aid you donated will be taken inside Ukraine from there. They have already delivered baby boxes and field hospital beds and are returning for more.

Our appeal is ongoing because the crisis continues

The needs list has altered slightly (as it will continue to do).

We hope to offer donation drop times on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Please email to book a delivery time. This is essential as we need to balance donations with the space and volunteers needed and keep our mini supply chain flowing!

Please email Christine at to organise a drop date/time. Please also email if you'd like to volunteer to help sort and pack.

Our revised needs list is:

  • baby milk powder / formula (priority)
  • sanitary pads & tampons (priority)
  • toothpaste & toothbrushes (priority)
  • energy bars (priority) (added)
  • power banks for charging phones (priority) (added)
  • new underwear for women, men, children
  • bras (may be preloved, washed & 'as new')
  • soap, shampoo, shower gel
  • lice shampoo & nit combs (added)
  • nappies
  • blankets (ideally fleece & single bed size)
  • sleeping bags (good condition & in stuff sacks)
  • washing powder
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