Our wood has two footpaths connecting On The Brook with Bruton, Somerset. A gorgeous walk takes you to Bruton High Street in minutes. We season the wood from our management programme, providing great firewood for those cosy nights in. Call us on 01749 812543 to arrange pick up.

Firewood for sale

Our Wood Prices:

Split wood: £12.00 per bag

Wood rounds: £9.00 per bag

Buy 10 bags and get one free.

Kindling: £5.00 per bag

Join our loyalty scheme - buy 10 and get one free. Pick up a card from the cafe and don't forget to get your card stamped!

Well seasoned, nice mix of ash and hazel. Pound for pound (or kilo for kilo), the cost of wood in our bags is equal to or cheaper than the price of firewood sold in dumpy lots. Ten bags are equivalent to one dumpy load. Our bags are reusable, unlike dumpy bags, so they can be returned for refill/reuse.

All our firewood comes from our wood, Coombe Wood, which is sustainably managed to promote and protect wildlife, providing natural habitats for birds including rare red kites, deer, badgers, and much more, as well as enhancing the delightful walks through the two footpaths.

We donate 50p for every sack sold to our chosen charities Sexey's school and Bruton Library.

On the Brook Bruton Somerset - firewood for sale
On the Brook - Our Wood

Our Wood

Soon after moving into Coombe Farm, we quickly realised that the wood needed some serious help if it was to survive for the next generation.

We enlisted the services of Peter Munford of Oliver Lang and Brown, who analysed the status of the wood, and provided us with a management plan. It was obvious from Peter's report that the wood had not been managed for a long time. Trees were overcrowded, and had become "leggy" as they strived for light far away in the tree tops (canopy). As a consequence, light coming through the canopy was limited which resulted on minimal biodiversity.

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